Opera Vera

'Terrifically exciting' (www.theartsdesk.com)

Opera Vera


'**** This performance without scenery, done in the chancel (and in what we must now call 'Downton rig'), was much more involving than many with the whole foofla...A thoughtful staging that majored in the human material, full of observation, warmth and comedy. Daisy Brown was a brilliant Susanna, a bag of sly wit and intelligence; Peter Brooke the engaging, luxurious-voiced Figaro; McOran-Campbell a spoilt, Lord Lucan-style Count, shallow and petulant'. (Robert Thickness, Opera Now, April 2015)


'Co-directors/performers Alexander Anderson-Hall and James McOran-Campbell used the space very effectively, concentrating on the heart of the piece, the characters and how their lives intertwined...a very effective and promising directorial debut for both artists....The [Brillig] ensemble shone in the famous overture and Hesketh sensitively managed the balance of instruments and voice'. 'Daisy Brown’s Susanna was a delight, a natural and charming actress, she made the role her own. James McOran-Campbell was a dashing ‘Errol Flynn-esque’ Count and his 'Vedrò mentr’io sospiro' in Act III was one of the highlights of the evening. If Susanna is the central pivot for the action in this opera, Countess Almaviva is the emotional heart. She was exquisitely performed by the wonderful Susan Jiwey who brought suitable gravitas to her characterisation, but also revealed elements of Rosina’s youthful ‘joie de vivre’. Her Act III aria, Dove sono, was the pinnacle of an expertly edited, deftly executed and well judged production.' The Actors Church, Covent Garden 2015 (www.remotegoat.com/uk)


'No stage would be too grand for this jewel of a company. Valentine’s Day or not, Opera Vera is the hot ticket du jour.' (www.fringeopera.com)

il tabarro

'Opera Vera is the new company on the block, and its matinee of Puccini’s Il tabarro was far from a typical performance. For starters, the venue, The Forge, was tucked away on Delancey Street in Camden Town, not Covent Garden. Secondly, while fringe opera is usually nestled in intimate pubs and churches, this time I was mesmerized stepping into a glazed courtyard that soon became an immersive set. Director Joe Austin had tenor Tinca pouring wine into our glasses, mezzo-soprano Frugola sharing her stolen treasures with us, and the whole cast weaving between the audience’s tables.'

'Credit has to be given to Roberto Abate, whose sonorous voice was responsible for some of the most thrilling moments of the opera, a force that blew through the courtyard with sensational power. The leading lady, soprano Philippa Boyle, had true craftsmanship of each beautiful nuanced phrase, with instinctive and stunning attention to detail. Opera Vera should be extremely proud. Each singer, a professional in their own right, came together to make a compelling performance. There were no weak links here. By the time of the bows, I was on my feet applauding the most engaging production I’d seen in a long time.' The Forge, Camden Town, 2014 (www.fringeopera.com) 

Don giovanni

‘James McOran-Campbell as the wicked Don was magnetic: a man possessed by a sexual energy that left him unable to function at normal levels of human interaction…terrifically exciting.’ ‘An intelligent and thoroughly musical account of Mozart’s score’. ‘A compelling evening whose three hours flew by at a lick, and an assured début from a company that deserves to thrive and grow.’ The Actors' Church, Covent Garden, 2013 (Mark Valencia, www.theartsdesk.com)


'Admittedly, we are not the most enthusiastic opera-goers by a long shot but we know how it made us feel. The opening gave us goose bumps! And so did Donna Elvira's aria. Throughout the entire performance, there was an amazing chemistry and harmony between the actors and the orchestra. Love, loss, life, death, power and anguish - the audience were put through all the human emotions possible, and the performance was very well-received indeed. The ovation spoke for itself!' Ruislip Great Barn, 2014 (Mumsnet Ealing: http://mumsnetealing.com/2014/07/07/mumsnet-ealing-reviews-don-giovanni/)


'What an amazing performance, one I'll remember for a long time. Cycling to reach Ealing, I was hoping for a decent evening but that far surpassed my expectations'. Ealing Autumn Festival, 2014 (audience member, www.meetup.com)


‘The whole was inventive without being clever, full of motion without sacrificing musical fidelity, and altogether an utter delight. This is exactly as opera should be’.  The Actors' Church, Covent Garden, 2013 (www.wynnwheldon.com)